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Buy Phenazepam (Diazepam, Valium) tables, ampules Online.

Phenazepam should be taken orally. A single dose of Phenazepam is usually 0.5-1 mg.

The average daily dose of Phenazepam is 1.5-5 mg, it is divided into 2-3 doses: usually 0.5-1 mg in the morning and afternoon, at night – up to 2.5 mg. The maximum daily dose of Phenazepam is 10 mg.

In case of sleep disorders, the drug should be used in a dose of 0.25-0.5 mg 20-30 minutes before sleep.

In neurotic, psychopathic, neurosis-like and psychopathic states, the initial dose of the drug is 0.5-1 mg 2-3 times / day. After 2-4 days, taking into account the efficacy and tolerability of the drug, the dose may be increased to 4-6 mg / day.

With severe agitation, fear, anxiety, treatment begins with a dose of 3 mg / day, rapidly increasing the dose to obtain a therapeutic effect.

With epilepsy, the dose is 2-10 mg / day.

With alcohol withdrawal, Fenazepam is prescribed at a dose of 2.5-5 mg / day.

For diseases with elevated muscle tone, the drug is prescribed 2-3 mg 1-2 times / day.

In order to avoid the development of drug dependence during course treatment, the duration of Phenazepam is 2 weeks. In some cases, the duration of treatment may be extended to 2 months. When canceling npenapata, the dose is reduced gradually.

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